So I’ve decided to clean out the studio of 30+ years of collecting, going to conventions, toys, etc and that it’s time to find new homes for these items. This will include but not limited to original artwork, comics, graphic novels, toys, sketchbooks and other stuff. So most of this will be on my account here skystorm ebay or on my etsy store here Novels2Comics

Why am I finding new homes for these items? Two folds one I have way to much stuff and two the funds made from these will be invested in a new project that helps comic creators grow and develop with how-to articles, videos and podcast. And, to get professionals working in the comic industry to help with this content they need to be compensated. Hence the Studio Purge of 2018.

Support if you can and help spread the word. Watch my facebook page and twitter to see items being posted weekly.

Robert W. Hickey