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Camelot Forever: Lancelot's Redemption novel by Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols
Available September 2021

Now Available!

Camelot Forever: Snowflake novella by Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols
Amazon Kindle (digital)
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Paradox Wars: Shattered Time #1 comic book
by Robert W Hickey, Bill Nichols, Mitch Byrd, Willie Peppers, Chris Drier/cover by Uko Smith
Print & Digital

SkyStorm Universe
Comic Books and Collectibles

Paradox Wars is the climax of everything that I’ve created with the SkyStorm Universe. As the story moves forward we’ll be bringing in other characters such as HellGirl, Tempered Steele, Savage Family as well as creating a few new ones including the Lost Squad and a few that I’m going to keep under wraps for now.

Comic Books

Paradox Wars: Shattered Time #1

by Robert W. Hickey, Bill Nichols, Mitch Byrd, Willie Peppers, Zero, Uko Smith cover.
Limited edition covers by Brad Gorby, Andy Kuhn, Renea DeLiz, Joe Corroney and sketch cover by Mitch Byrd.

Time Agents Tamara Rose and Christiana Blood land in a future where steam engines and dinosaurs roam the land. They discover Marta even has a presence in this time recruiting more to her band of rogues and the importance of a dormant volcano and how it will help them get back to their home base of Infinity… if it still exists.

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