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Camelot Forever: Lancelot's Redemption novel by Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols
Available: September 14th, 2021
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Camelot Forever: Snowflake novella by Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols
(We're including "CF: SNOWFLAKE" with CF: LANCELOT'S REDEMPTION) as a special thank you for supporting CAMELOT FOREVER.

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Paradox Wars: Shattered Time #1 comic book
by Robert W Hickey, Bill Nichols, Mitch Byrd, Willie Peppers, Chris Drier/cover by Uko Smith
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Camelot Forever: Lancelot’s Redemption – eBook & Print Release on September 14th, 2021

by authors Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols

After the events of Camelot Forever: Snowflake Elizabeth spent much of her life with her Aunt and Uncle John (Doc Watson). Her life takes a turn when she marries Lawrence and the evils from her past catch up with her and her family. Can Sherlock and Watson save her again or is this truly the end of the Camelot Knight’s bloodlines? And, what is Lawrence’s connection to King Arthur’s most-trusted knight, Lancelot?

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Camelot Forever Snowflake
Short Story-Now Available

by authors Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols

Elizabeth had no idea how her young life would be changed the morning of that fateful Christmas Eve. Nor could she dream she would meet her great-great-grandfather Sherlock Holmes or guess how it all tied into the history of Camelot.

 (We are including Camelot Forever Snowflake as part of Camelot Forever Lancelot’s Redemption first release in ebook, book and audio book as a special Thank You for supporting Camelot Forever.)

“This is an incredibly good story. Reminds me a bit of James A. Owens IMAGINARIUM GEOGRAPHICA books. But make no mistake, this work stand solidly on its own. Impressively so. It is dark, and it is thrilling. And by the time young Elizabeth meets the exceedingly creepy man in rags, you’ll be hooked.

I know I am. I WANT MORE.”

– RESA CHALLENDER creator of Wandering Star

by Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols