Preorders versus Amazon Best Seller

I was recently asked if we’re going to offer a preorder for CAMELOT FOREVER LANCELOT’S REDEMPTION book. Unfortunately, the answer is no. From my recent studies, a preorder actually hurts the ability to have our book become a Bestseller.

Our goal for this book is to offer the best story that we can create and become an Amazon Best Seller. You may think ‘How can a new author with a new book series become a Bestseller?’ but from everything that I have studied over the past several weeks, we can be a best seller at Amazon if we do all the right steps.

Why is it important to become an Amazon Bestseller, you may also ask?

Well, being a Bestseller offers the book many more opportunities to be seen by a lot more readers, and being new authors with a new series we need to be seen by as many readers as possible to grow an audience.

It will take a lot of work in a short span of time with the support and help from our fellow creators, fans, and friends to help spread the word on launch day.

So, with the launch release, we’ll be including CAMELOT FOREVER: SNOWFLAKE as a special thank you to everyone supporting the launch. Snowflake is a prequel to CF Lancelot’s Redemption.

I will be documenting the journey of this adventure along the way here and over at

Oh, and the next book CAMELOT FOREVER PENDRAGON’S RETURN is almost finished, so look for a release date soon.

Thank you,

Robert W Hickey

by Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols